Make Bootable ISO Image File

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  • Click on the "Data > Data Disc" icon in the project list
    Or Click on the "File > New > Data Disc" menu
    Or Click on the  icon to open an existing data project / image file.

  • A Data Disc project opens in the project window.

  • Edit the current data project:

Add files and folders: Click on the  icon to add files and folders. You can also directly drag files and folders from Windows Explorer to the project window.

Create new folder: Click on the  icon to create a new folder.

Delete files and folders: Select the files and folders you want to delete, then click on the  icon.

Rename file or folder: Click the file or folder you want to rename, click it again (not double click), then type the new name.

Change label: Click the disc label, click it again (not double click), then type the new label.

  • Add Boot Information: Click on the "Action > Boot > Add Boot Information" menu to load boot file.

  • If necessary, Click on the  icon to set iso properties.

  • Click on the "File > Save As..." menu.

  • Choose "Standard ISO Images (*.iso)" as output format.

  • Specify a file name and a storage location for the iso file.

  • Click on the "OK" button to create iso image.


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